Image courtesy of Martin Bailey


One With Nature

I’m a wildlife photographer living in Lethbridge, Canada. Although I've tried many different kinds of photography, wildlife is my passion and I love spending time watching, photographing and learning as much as I can about any species I'm fortunate enough to encounter.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.” ~ First Nations Proverb.

In just the past 200 years or so, urban, agricultural and industrial development have all had a significant impact on the wildlife, wildlife habitat and the environment of North America. Wildlife habitat is now shrinking at an alarming rate and birds and animals that were once abundant, now appear to be growing scarcer with each passing decade. It's my hope therefore, that in some small way, my images and blog posts may inspire you to help out by supporting any worthwhile programs designed to protect and restore our natural world for the ongoing enjoyment of future generations.

Ethical Wildlife Photography

“Take only pictures …. leave only footprints.” ~ Anonymous

I am very conscious about intruding into wildlife habitat and make every attempt not to disturb or needlessly stress wildlife in any way. My goal is always to capture a few natural images, before moving on, and leaving my wildlife subjects exactly as I found them.